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The ASER testing methodology is now available as an app. Digital ASER leverages the digital infrastructure of the EkStep platform which enables the creation and use of teaching and learning content. Digital ASER is accessible through Genie by EkStep and works both online and offline. It can also be shared offline through local wifi like ShareIt, bluetooth or even SD cards.

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Guide to use the ASER app

How to download ASER

How to use ASER

How to sync data



The ASER app can be downloaded from EkStep Genie. The genie app is a repository of learning content available for anyone to use.

You can download genie from the google playstore. Please refer the the tutorial above.

The ASER app functions completely offline. However, you will need internet if you wish to sync the data to the server.

By syncing the data to the ASER server you can then view and download reports off the ASER dashboard.

To sync : Genie -> Menu -> About -> Data settings -> Sync now

The ASER app can be used in tablets and android phones :

  1. OS version 4.2.2 and above
  2. Screen size of 5” and above

The ASER survey specific information like the location details and enrollment status of the child can be seen in the generic survey app. You can use this app with the ASER app for the complete experience.

If you wish to customise the survey details you can access the source code here.

You can refer the ASER methodology guide and the youtube videos shown above.

Currently the app is available in eleven Indian languages : English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese

You can view and download your data from the ASER dashboard which will go online soon. Watch this space.

Any bug fixes and updates will automatically reach your device provided you are online.

Genie is an application by EkStep Foundation a not for profit initiative.

EkStep is a platform to create, share and distribute free, community sourced educational content for primary school children.

Genie gives you access to free educational content from the EkStep platform. With Genie you can

  • Explore and download free educational content
  • Create and manage multiple users (and group) profiles
  • Consume interactive audio-visual content
  • Use the app in English, Hindi and Kannada (More Indian languages coming soon!)
  • Get recommendations for content best suited for the user (coming soon!)

To explore more content, you need to first download the genie app. The tutorial in the beginning of the app will guide you to explore the varied and free content available!

You can explore the EkStep platform through our online portal

The generic survey app currently contains :

  1. Activation code page : This page is used to validate the user.
  2. Child information : Name, Age, Gender
  3. Location : State, Block District, Locality
  4. School enrollment details : Schooling status, Class,

The partner app and the ASER app has been hosted on the EkStep platform. The ASER app uses the data model in the EkStep platform to enable deeper insights into the assessment.

The survey app can be downloaded from EkStep genie. For a detailed guide refer to the video above.

The generic app is compatible with tablets and smartphones with OS version 4.4.4 and above, screen size 5” and above

The survey app can be used offline just like the ASER app.

The activation code is a user validation screen. To unlock it as a generic user you can try using the code : ptm001

You can open the parnter app, fill in the details and directly launch the ASER app.

The source code for the generic survey app is available here. You also have the supporting documents.

Any updates made to the generic survey will reach your device automatically.