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Creating Worksheets

Creating Worksheets

Worksheets are powerful tools to give students practice material or to do assessments. Therefore, worksheets are an important form of content on the EkStep platform.

A worksheet is basically a combination of many questions put together. In order to create a worksheet, users need to perform the following mains steps:

  1. Create Questions
  2. Create a Worksheet Lesson
  3. Add Questions to the Worksheet
Below is the description of the process of creating a worksheet on the EkStep platform.

How to create Questions?

Questions on the EkStep platform are called Items. To create these items, users need to go to the Quiz Items page from the Resources tab on the home screen (see below)

On the Quiz Items page (see below), users can browse through existing quiz items and add new quiz items.

Items are basically questions that can be created using a variety of templates available. For example, users can create Match the Following (MTF), Multiple Choice (MCQ) or Fill in the Blank (FTB) type questions. Use these templates to create as many questions as you'd like.

To read more about templates on EkStep platform and learn about how to use them, see the Templates Group.

How to create a Worksheet Lesson?

To create a Worksheet Lesson, users can click on the Create New Lesson button on the Home page and create a lesson of type "Worksheet"

How to Add Questions to a Worksheet?

Once you've create a Worksheet and the Items, you just need to put them together. You can add items to a worksheet by clicking on the Add Assessment button from inside a worksheet (see below)

In the Add Assessment popup, search for your items using the search filters. Add the items, and click Next, and then finally on Add Test.

In your worksheet, you'll see those questions as part of an Assessment Set as shown below.

Finally, you can Save Progress on your Worksheet and Send for Review