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Empowered with the Authoring tool!

Empowered with the Authoring tool!

 Dr.Kalavathi.B.K, Head- Easy English- Inschool Program, Akshara Foundation

We have been collaborating with EkStep for the Easy English In School program and started a Pilot to take English lessons to class rooms using “Genie”.  While we have become  familiar with Genie and its usage on Tablets, the next step was to create content ourselves on the EkStep platform and use it in class rooms.

The 24th day of August 2016 started with a mixture of apprehension and excitement regarding authoring of digital content. Would it be easy? Would it need technical skills? How long would it take to adapt to the new tools being offered? Could we make changes easily and a host of other questions swirling in our minds.

 The Akshara team got together to pick up new skills to co-create the English modules. We started our partnership with EkStep way back in December 2015 and it took us a while to realise that there were many facets to the EkStep platform including creating digital content. While it presented us with exciting possibilities, it also meant significant changes to our way of thinking, “Go Digital” being just one of them and co-creating, directing being another.

We had a very active, interactive and hands on workshop today with four sessions overseen by Ms Radhika; 

1. An introductory mind mapping exercise by Mr.Vidyasagar about the significance of “Digital Content” and comparisons with authoring using pen and paper. Focus was to try and understand the shifts in the two approaches

2. Mr. Parabat Partap Singh walked us through the authoring tool and helped us to create a worksheet.

3. Ms. Harshita walked us through the recording process using Audacity and helped us to record for the Akshara teacher module  4.

4. Ms. Monica shared the data collected from the Program for the last 15 days and gave us the good news that usage of our module by the target group had been enhanced by 424 sessions and 22 hours in two weeks AND THAT IS  AN ACHIEVEMENT!

 It is time to voice our gratitude to EkStep and captured below are a few views that were echoed during the session……..

 A day of empowering experience


 Thus spake…..

EkStep Team:

Jagadish, “We have empowered you with the Authoring tool and now you will have the ability to create and curate content. Please do share your experiences with a Blog post so that others can benefit”

Vidyasagar, “It is exciting to have you as co-creators and collaborators. This de-bottlenecks content creation and reduces the cycle time in developing the content. I liked the enthusiasm of the Akshara team and this is a huge positive step forward”.

Radhika, “I was excited by your enthusiasm and collective team work. I feel confident that you will develop the modules in a very creative manner”.

Parabat, “I was excited when you asked for the laptops to start the creation of the worksheet using the authoring tool on the day 1”.

Harshita, “You have learnt to record very fast and have recorded for the teacher module 4 on the very first day”.

Monica, “It is great that you are paying attention to data and are looking to learn from it”.

Akshara Team:

Nalini, “We are happy to be co-creators on the authoring tool. We have learnt many things today”.

Supriya,  “We have picked up so many skills today and I am all excited to collaborate on the authoring tool”.

The most insightful of all thoughts- Manjula, “ We have used the lessons on the tablets all these days but did not know how much of effort goes into developing it, we greatly thank you for empowering us with these skills”.

Dr.Kala, “ The more we explore technology, we realise there is more to learn! Thank you EkStep for nudging me towards authoring this blog! We will keep this journey going and help in dissemination of knowledge”.