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Ending is the " New Beginning"......EASY English!

Ending is the  " New  Beginning"......EASY English!

                  At the culmination of the EASY English" Program this year, we had  the "Graduation Day" for our little English Graduates and their teachers! .

As we turn back, the imprints we had left behind....

"EASY English" is a digital initiative of Akshara Foundation to scaffold the teachers in Government Primary schools to teach English in Nali Kali classes as well as provide an enriched English learning environment for the children. The program uses the TABLET for interactive joyful English learning for both the students and the teachers. The TAB has lessons for students and teacher modules on the teachers and they are also empowered through fortnightly individualized highly interactive workshops on "Basic English skills and usage".The program is implemented in three clusters (37 schools) impacting 44 teachers and 416 students in 2 rural clusters (Hoskote Block- Mugbala and Jadgenhalli clusters) and 2 urban clusters (North 2 Block- Hebbal and Sanjayanagar clusters). Ekstep genie hosts the Akshara ESL software on their portal and takes care of  the digital assessment. The EASY English program develops Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Comprehension (Listening & Reading) ,vocabulary, basic structures & usage for both students and teachers through its digital content. Further, it is based on the competencies given for level I by DSERT, Karnataka, as well as the Position Paper on English as Second Language (NCF 2005) for students . The modules in the Tab include the 8 themes from the Karnataka English Text book and are introduced through conversation, rhymes, phonics, reading, writing and grammar. Each of these modules has an inbuilt assessment which is stored in the back end server as part of CCE and can be seen by the student and teacher on the TAB.

This Program was greatly appreciated by the stakeholders- students, teachers, educational administrators, parents, SDMC , media and community.

Little Graduates showcasing their English skills!