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​Funtoot Worksheets - A unique and valuable resource on EkStep Platform for Maths

​Funtoot Worksheets - A unique and valuable resource on EkStep Platform for Maths

Practice is a very important component of learning Maths, right from primary level. However, dumping of a predefined set of questions on children and asking them to do them again and again, will not lead to learning. It not only leaves a trail of learning gaps but also results in increased phobia for the subject.

Developing practice worksheets that provide - ample coverage of concepts, take children through a journey from simple to complex problems within a concept, help identify specific gaps in child's understanding, making the problems dynamic across practice sessions - is not a simple task. It is an expert teacher's job.

It is precisely this scarce resource which Funtoot Worksheets on EkStep platform provide access to. The access is for everyone!

A total of around 85 Maths Worksheets with over 1200 questions, covering Term 1 syllabus from Class 2 to 5 in English medium are currently available. They bring with them the vast experience of Funtoot in providing personalized learning experience to over 75000 students across 120+ schools. They are designed as an aid for teachers to approach the task of creating unique questions both for practice and test of Maths across grades and topics.

The key features of the questions include:

  • Identification of specific learning gaps and common mistakes, within each concept
  • Immediate and error specific feedback to help self-correction
  • Question level Hints/Tips and Solutions
  • Questions mapped across varied complexity levels from comprehension to application.
  • Dynamic set of questions, enabling new practice questions for each session
  • Pedagogically created worksheets catering to different classes

Following is an example of a specific mistake in an addition question and corresponding hint provided:

Sample Question and Hint

It is identified that the specific error is possibly due to adding the digits in reverse - tens place first and then the units place (with carry over). Accordingly it provides specific hint to add numbers starting from units place.

The ready to use worksheets can be used by teachers, tutors and parents for providing practice to their students and children. Some of the ways in which they can be used are:

  1. A Maths school teacher uses the questions to provide learning and practice to students in a class by projecting them onto a screen. Once teacher completes introducing and explaining the concept in class, she goes to corresponding worksheet (specific to the class), and projects onto the board. Students are asked to solve each problem and teacher explains it using hints and micro-hints provided.
  2. A Maths Teacher (school or tuition) creates homework for a specific concept using the worksheets and shares the same with parents. Students practice the problems in the worksheets at home on their parents smartphone.
  3. A Parent uses the worksheets to provide maths practice to his/her child at home. Parent guides the child in doing the problems, using available hints and micro-hints.

The added advantage for any of these use cases is the data. Response of each child to each question is recorded and stored at the back-end. Information such as the number of times a child got a question wrong, number and type of hints she/he looked at, how many answers did she/he get right/wrong etc. are available as part of the data. Reports can be developed as per a specific context using this data.

The worksheets can also be linked to Textbook chapters to create energized textbooks. Here is a Class 3 Maths Textbook (English Medium) of MSCERT with Term 1 chapters linked to  the worksheets.

Worksheets are available for following question types across Grades 2 to 5. They can be accessed through community portal by searching by the name of the question type. 

Number System

  • Identify the missing numbers in the given sequence
  • Write the given numbers in standard and expanded form
  • Identify number names, standard form, expanded form
  • Identify successor, predecessor, number-in-between, skip counting
  • Compare and Ordering numbers
  • Identify the place value and face value of numbers

Linear Maths - Operations

  • Addition of numbers in vertical and horizontal formats
  • Subtraction of numbers in vertical and horizontal formats
  • Addition through Number Line
  • Multiplication of two numbers
  • Multiplication of two numbers in vertical format
  • Division of numbers
  • Factors and Multiples

Roman Numerals

  • Roman representation of Arabic numerals
  • Arranging Roman numbers in ascending and descending order
  • Addition of Roman Numbers


  • Addition and Subtraction of Length
  • Addition and Subtraction of Weight
  • Addition and Subtraction of Capacity

These cover around 90% of the Maths concepts of Term 1 syllabus of CBSE from Class 2 to Class 5. Worksheets covering concepts for Term 2 and 3 are expected to come by September and the last term by December this year.

Although the worksheets are currently in English, they can be translated to other languages as required, without much effort.

Plugins that come along with the questions also provide flexibility for teachers and parents to build contextualized worksheets based on child level and speed.

This is a first time ever such a repository of questions is available open for everyone's use!

It is a powerful and intelligent aid for committed teachers and parents.