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​GLEN World: What is to follow?

​GLEN World: What is to follow?

There are two key thrusts in our road map. The first is to develop additional activities for learning basic skills, and the other is to drastically expand both fiction and nonfiction content to engage and motivate children to continue learning.

The expansion of fiction content, and the addition of non-fiction content, will be a continuing process. Our ultimate vision is to develop content for reading levels starting from beginner (pre-kindergarten) to advanced (high school). Our immediate priority is to develop original stories that build on the basic vocabulary developed in GLEN Match.

We also aim to develop a framework for promoting comprehension, by pre-story and post-story activities. For example, in "Earn a Story," children might be prompted to choose words that describe an image associated with a story. Once enough words are chosen, a complete sentence with those words magically appears, and the story starts.

We are also planning to develop non-fiction content with geography and world knowledge, presented in a simple and playful fashion that requires active engagement rather than passive consumption.