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Graduation Day of the Tiny Tots

Graduation Day of the Tiny Tots

On 16th February 2017, Akshara's Easy English Program team organized an event called 'Graduation Day' of the first graders. The event was organized in GLPS Chikkanahalli school in Mugabala cluster in Hosakote block (Bengaluru Rural district). The event showcased the learning trajectories of the children.Around 58 students and 13 teachers from 13 government schools of Mugabala cluster were present. The event was attended by the Zila Panchayat president, BEO, BRP and SDMC members of Hoskote block, and a few parents of the first graders.

Each school was given a theme to represent on the stage that they have learnt in the last 9 months. While one school represented 'Parts of the Body', the other schools did 'Mix and Matching' of objects with object's naming, role plays, how to make use of a tab and learn through it (the main component of the Easy English programme, searching and making words from letters randomly placed etc. During these exercises, one could see these children were able to say a complete sentence and were also able to comprehend.

All the 13 performances were amazing and have changed my perceptions that government school teachers lack creative skills. Never before during any of my classroom observations in government primary schools, I have noticed teachers doing somewhat differently to teach children. This could be because of my shorter stay inside the classroom or my perceived notion developed as often I come across each ASER rounds.

This experience surely makes me wonder if teachers use such creative skills on regular basis then no one can stop these kids to excel. This kind of event can aid teachers to incorporate the innovative techniques that they have learnt through this platform in future classroom sessions. I also feel events like this should be organized on annual basis in communities to motivate teachers to teach better.   (Blogged by Ms  Anuradha Mondal , Source: Akshara Foundation Website)