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Translating Funtoot Worksheets

Translating Funtoot Worksheets

If you have not already done, please go through this introductory blog post to get an understanding about Funtoot Questions and Worksheets. Funtoot Questions are by default created in English. This post details the process of translating the questions into other Indian Languages.

Translating a Funtoot question involves converting the text of question, hints and solution from English to an Indian Language. This can be done through a simple change of configuration question, if the question type already supports the language. 

Following are steps to do this:

  1. Open a worksheet that you would like to translate
  2. Click on the "Make Copy" button and choose translate option and select Marathi as the language.
  3. Proceed to create a copy of the worksheet.
  4. A copy of worksheet is created and opened for editing in Content Editor.
  5. The worksheet consists of a set of stages, each stage containing a set of questions configured.
  6. Click on a stage and double click on the question to open the Configuration editor.
  7. Configuration editor contains the options to select Content Language and Numeral type.
  8. Select Marathi, in each of the option.
  9. Click "Add" button at the bottom of the configuration screen.
  10. Repeat the action for each stage.
  11. Save the content

This creates the same worksheet in Marathi. Following video shows the above steps:

Currently, the supported language for these questions is Marathi. Any content creator can translate existing worksheets to Marathi through the above shown process.

For this process to work, the prerequisite is that the question type supports the language. Currently, adding support for a new language is done manually. Following are the process steps:

  1. If you need support to a new Indian Language, raise a request in portal through "Help" button on EkStep community portal.
  2. The required list of text messages to be translated will be shared to you in a spreadsheet (through an email) by EkStep team.
  3. Against each English Text message, corresponding message in target language has to be entered.
  4. The spreadsheet with translated messages has to be sent back to EkStep team.
  5. The question type on EkStep platform will be updated with support for the new language, and user is notified the same.
  6. Subsequently, any user will be able to create questions of this type in the target language and translate a worksheet from English to the target language.