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EkStep Tutorial for Uploading Game APK Files

This tutorial helps you learn how to upload Game APK files form your desktop onto EkStep Portal. There are 6 steps in the EkStep Game Integration Lifecycle as depicted in the representation below.

The first step is to log on to EkStep Community Portal by visiting https://community.ekstep.in

Once you have logged in to EkStep Community Portal, you will be able to see a Create New Lesson button

Next, select the content type as "Game" from the drop-down list.

Also, provide some details about the language in which you want to author the content (English, Hindi, etc).

Most importantly, select the concepts that are planned to be taught to a child or which the child is being evaluated on. Tagging the concepts right will make it easier for you to search your content by concepts.

Once you have selected the content type as "Game", and the choice of your language as well as the concepts that can be taught using this game, click on "Start Creating" button.

You will now be on the game details page, wherein you would need to provide a name, description and also add a thumbnail image for the game to display on Genie. You will also find a "Browse" button in the "choose existing lesson archive" line. Click on it and upload the Game APK file from your desktop location.

Await the confirmation page and then click on "Save Progress" button to save your game online on EkStep Portal. Next, remember to click on "Send for Review" to ensure that your game is sent to an EkStep reviewer for their attention. Once the reviewer successfully completes the review process, the story will be published and will be ready for download on a child's device.

To understand how Genie launches the Game APKs and the telemetry specifications, visit the EkStep for Android Developers page.

Happy Authoring! Please join the EkStep Content Creators Group to chat, interact and get help from other teachers and content creators as you embark on creating lessons.