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Content Creation Tutorials

EkStep allows you to create your own lessons using lesson creation tools. It allows to deploy these lessons on smartphones, tablets and desktop (via Community Portal). Please note the following two points:

  1. To access current content in use by children, teachers and parents, Download the Genie Mobile App from Google PlayStore
  2. To create a lesson or to request for creation of a lesson, Log on to EkStep Community Portal. You will need creator rights to be able to create lessons on the portal. Follow the guidelines here to Become a creator

The following types of content can be created or uploaded onto EkStep Platform for learners to access on their devices:

  1. Lessons created using the EkStep Authoring Tool online
  2. Existing videos uploaded from your desktop as zip files
  3. Existing HTML files uploaded from your desktop as zip files
  4. Game APKs uploaded from your desktops as APK files
  5. ECML content uploaded as zip files

The 3 Stages of Content Creation

Each lesson needs to go through 3 stages of the lesson creation cycle from draft to live. Only Live content can be seen and used on Genie, the android app.

  • Stage 1: Draft - By default, any new content is in draft stage. As long as you are still editing and adding features to a content, the content remains in draft stage. No learner will see what you are creating. Once you are done editing, you need to submit your content for review by clicking on the ‘Submit For Review’ button on the edit screen of the authoring tool
  • Stage 2: Review- Once the content is submitted for review, a reviewer will be assigned to go through the content. The content will be checked only for appropriateness of usage by a child. The guidelines can be seen here. Once the content is approved, it will be made live by the reviewer
  • Stage 3: Live - Once the content is live, it can be readily downloaded on Genie by typing the name of the content on Genie and downloading it. Learner can also download the content on desktop and transfer to any android device using SD card, Bluetooth, or any other file transfer mechanism. Mobile to mobile transfers can also be done

Note: You can use the download button on the edit page of the authoring tool to see how the content looks on a device. This content can only be seen by you.

You can use the Portal Features Infographic as a handy one pager that summarizes all the buttons features you can familiarize yourself with to become an effective content creator.

EkStep Content Creation Tutorial List