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EkStep Tutorial for Uploading Existing HTML Content

This tutorial helps you learn how to upload existing HTML content from your desktop computer to EkStep Platform, so that it can be viewed by a student on Genie mobile App. HTML content from your desktop would need to be zipped before uploading. Given below are the steps you would need to follow.

The first step is to define the structure of the zip file.

Once you have structured the contents of the zip file in the correct format, please log on to the EkStep Community portal.

Next, you will need to open the Create New Lesson button. Much like the steps you would follow in creating a new content using authoring tool, You will need to provide some details about the language in which you want to author the content (English, Hindi, etc), the content type (whether it is a story to be read out, an assessment sheet to administer a test, or a collection of teaching material for a class or an activity that is both fun and learning). Select a Blank Template so that your native HTML content is not disturbed when it loads.

Most importantly, select the concepts that are planned to be taught to a child or which the child is being evaluated on. Tagging the concepts right will make it easier for you to search your content by concepts, and makes it easy to create collections, say, that can be used to teach as well as evaluate a particular concept.

Await a confirmation message on screen and click OK on it

You will now be in the standard authoring environment with a blank template. Click on Enter Content Details button, where you will have the option to upload the HTML Zip file that you have on your desktop.

Fill details of content in the form as shown below.

  • Select HTML as ‘content archive type’ ie . Set content metadata as HTML. The form sends the data to database by calling API
  • Click on Save Progress. Please do not upload zip file form desktop as of yet
  • Click to edit metadata form and attach zip file from desktop
  • Click save progress. Upload file to server, which in turn gets permanent link to file and attaches this link in the content detail
  • Click on Send for Review button to push the newly uploaded HTML content for review to a community reviewer
  • Once the content is made live, download ECAR (EkStep Content Archive) file via Genie and Sideload content

Your content has been uploaded onto EkStep System. Once the review is successful, you will receive a notification and post that you can ask the students to search and download it from Genie.

Happy Authoring! Please join the EkStep Content Creators Group to chat, interact and get help from other teachers and content creators as you embark on creating lessons.