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Uploading Video Content onto EkStep Portal

Uploading Video Content onto EkStep Portal

Please follow the below sequence of steps to upload an existing video from your desktop into EkStep Portal, so that a student may access it from Genie App on a device. You can download the sample video content here.
Please note that the maximum allowable file size is less than 20MB for the upload to be successful. It is, however, recommended that you upload smaller videos with size under under 5MB. Users spend less time waiting for video content to load, when the video sizes are smaller. This is especially true at times when the user may be accessing Genie using a slow internet connection.
Step 1: The first step is to ensure the following video format and zip file structure:  
  1. Convert your video into .webm format using any of the online converting tools. Your filename will now be in the format- xyz.webm

  2. Download the zip provided with this content

  3. Extract the zip

  1. Go inside the folder, video content. You will see 2 files- ‘assets’  and ‘index.ecml’.

  1. Go inside the ‘assets’ folder

  1. Delete the older ‘video.webm’ file

  1. Place your converted video file ‘xyz.webm’ in this folder

  1. Rename your file as ‘video’

  1. Zip the contents of folder . Select the files ‘assets’ and ‘index.ecml’ together. Right click . Send to compressed zip folder. Name your zip folder as you like.

Now that you are ready with the zip file structire, lets move on to Step 2, which is uploading the file onto the portal.  

Step 2: Uploading the zip file above onto EkStep Community portal
1. To start with, log on to Community Portal at https://community.ekstep.in
2. Create a content on Authoring tool. Select a blank template
3. Your screen will refresh with the following page, which is a blank page in the Authoring Tool, exactly like the one you would see if you were authoring a fresh content online

4. Click on "Enter Lesson Details" link on top. You will be taken to a page where you would have to enter descriptors for the content you are uploading, for eg: name, image, concept, etc. 


5. Click on the "Choose Existing lesson archive" section to upload the zip file that you created in Step 1. Remember that this zip file has the video file which was renamed as "video.webm". Choose the archive type as ECML.



6. Save the content with the right information filled in the fields provided. Please note that filling this informationa ccurately is important for students to be able to search and find your content on Genie. Now, in the Authoring Tool Editor, your pages will look like this:




7. You can now edit the text in the bottom of the screen, you can add and remove images, just like you would do in a regular authoring environment. You can also click on "Preview" to see how the video will be shown to a student on a tablet or smartphone


8. Lastly, please don't forget to save all changes by clicking on "Save Progress" button. Once you have saved your content, you need to send it for review to a reviewer by clicking on the "Send for Review" button
Your video content has now been uploaded and is awaiting review. Once the content is reviewed, you will receive a notification, post which you can share the content link to others.