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How to Create Content in Indian Languages

The first step in creating content in Indian languages is to add the Google Input Tool extension to your browser. On your Google Chrome browser, the google input tool can be added as an extension. You can find it on the Google Chrome webstore for free here - Google input tool extension.

1. Once you have added the extension, an icon with an Indian language letter will appear on the top right of your browser, as shown below:



2. Once you click on the icon, a basic drop down list will appear below, as shown, where you can choose the language in which you want to create the content in.





3. Click on the ‘extension options’ to select the languages you want to appear in your Google Input tool. In case you are a multi-lingual creator, please choose all the languages that apply to you rightaway, so that your browser is equipped with all language input tools in one go.




4. Once you are done adding all relevant languages, test it out by logging into community portal at https://community.ekstep.in and enter the authoring tool environment by selecting "Create a Lesson" button on the home page. Once you are in the authoring tool editor, go to the input tool option on the right and click on it.



5. Select the language of your choice, by clicking on the language icons in the drop-down menu.




6. Once you have successfully selected the language, the drop-down closes automatically, and the icon of the language that you selected shows up on the top right corner of your browser. Now, click on "Text" button inside the authoring tool editor to start entering a text in the specific Indian language you have selected.



7. Verify the result of what you type to understand how Google Input tool works and practice some more. Once you are finished typing your sentence in the selected Indian language, click Done and save the story and the click on "Preview" to see how it looks on the device for a student. You are already onto a good start twards creating content in Indian languages!