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EkStep Tutorial for Viewing Usage Statistics of a Published Content

This tutorial is aimed at helping you view the usage statistics of the content that you have published on EkStep portal.

The first step is to log on to EkStep Community Portal by visiting https://community.ekstep.in

Once you have logged in to EkStep Community Portal, search for your lesson and click on the "Preview" button on top of your lesson icon

Next, click on the "Statistics" button below the content.

Now you can view usage data about your content, such as total hours spent by studnts on your content, total number of sessions that they spent this time under, and the total number of interactions they have had with the content (for eg: if you have sufficient amount of interactive content such as hotspots and interactive objects, students are more likely to touch those images on their devices and engage more.

You can also filter the results by time.

You can now choose the download this file and also add this file into a collection