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A good learning opportunity involves collaboration between a teacher who can create a relevant lesson, a student who has a need to learn and a platform that can equip teachers with tools to create various types of teaching lessons and assessments and measure results on how well the student is learning.

EkStep Platform welcomes teachers to provide various types of learning opportunities to students. Log on to the EkStep Community Portal with your Gmail or Facebook ID to get started. Watch a short video below to learn how to log on to EkStep Community Portal and use the content editor to create a lesson for a child:

What does EkStep Platform Provide?

EkStep has built a set of online tools that allow you, the teacher, to rapidly create and deploy teaching lessons and assessments to students. You can use EkStep tools to create your own lessons using lesson creation tools online and deploy these lessons in your classroom using smartphones, tablets and desktop. Please note the following two points:

  1. To access current content in use by children, teachers and parents, Download the Genie Mobile App from Google PlayStore and view the lessons on your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can begin by viewing existing lessons on this portal
  2. To create a lesson or to request for creation of a lesson, Log on to EkStep Community Portal. You will need creator rights to be able to create lessons on the portal. Follow the guidelines here to request access rights to become a creator

Given below are some links to good teaching content that other teachers have published online in a very short span of time. Peruse them to get an idea of what you too can create and publish on EkStep Authoring Tool.

Mathematics Worksheet in Marathi     Literacy Worksheet in Marathi  
Literacy Worksheet in Hindi     A Marathi Story  
Barahkhadi Activity in Hindi     Collection of Stories in Hindi  

How can you use EkStep tools for your classroom?

As a teacher, you are free to use all EkStep tools that allow you to create lessons, upload videos, create assessment sheets, and many more:

1. You can get started by creating a collection of existing lessons for your upcoming class. Watch a video short video below to learn how to make Collections using multiple lessons:

2. If you do not find a lesson of your choice on the portal, you can very easily create a new teaching lesson to teach specific concepts by using the online Authoring Tool.

3. Timely assessments are an integral part of the teaching process. Now, with EkStep's online tools, you can quickly create your own questions. There are readymade question templates available for different question types such as Multi-choice Questions, Fill In the Blanks, etc and you can use them to create questions within a few minutes.

Watch a video short video below to learn how to create questions using templates:

4. You can also group together existing questions on the portal as well as add the questions you have just created to create an assessment worksheet that you can administer in class. You can analyze the performance of the child and provide remedial lessons for lagging children in your class. You can also provide more challenging activities and lessons to brighter students in your class by creating more content

Watch a video short video below to learn how to create an assessment worksheet using multiple questions:

5. In a class with multiple students, you would also want to know how many time your lesson is being viewed and how much time students spend on it. You can get to know that by viewing usage statistics for each lessoncreated. Watch a video short video below to learn how to view usage statistics of your published content:

6. On EkStep Portal, you are not restricted to creating content in only English. The EkStep Authoring Tool allows you to create lessons and questionnaires in multiple languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, and so on. So, go ahead and try to create multilingual content in English as well as other Indian languages on EkStep Portal

7. If you have existing videos that you want to utilize in your classroom, you can just upload videos from your desktop into EkStep Portal so that they can be viewed on Genie App on smartphones and tablets by students

How are other teachers using these tools?

Teachers have been learning and using various tools on EkStep Platform to create short assessments to administer in classrooms

Post the assessment, teachers have been using the assessment results to to create relevant teaching lessons, or just collate lessons created by others into a collection which can be deployed to a learner on a smartphone or a tablet. Plus, unlike paper-based lessons, teachers can now observe usage data to learn how children are reacting to the content and make informed decisions on fine-tuning content for the next class.

Quite a few other teachers and institutions have deployed developers to upload HTML content that they had already created.

A small but growing set of institutions have deployed developers to learn and code in the EkStep Content Markup Language (ECML) to derive maximum benefit from the features available on the EkStep Platform. Developers are encouraged to join other developers at the EkStep Developer Community.

We welcome you to explore the tools on EkStep Platform and join the growing community of creators and teachers in India!

A comprehensive list of EkStep Tutorials that are extremely helpful in getting up to speed is given here - EkStep Tutorials

Developers in your team can access the developer portal at https://community.ekstep.in/developers , where they can find documentation on ECML, several APIs, Use Cases, sample codes and much more.