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EkStep Tutorial for Creating a Collection of Stories and Worksheets

This tutorial is aimed at helping you create a simple collection of a story and a worksheet using EkStep Authoring Tool. A simple use case of this collection would be when you want the student to listen to a particular story and then want to evaluate the comprehension of the student post the story.

The first step is to log on to EkStep Community Portal by visiting https://community.ekstep.in

Once you have logged in to EkStep Community Portal, you will be able to see a Create New Lesson button

Next, provide some details about the language in which you want to author the content (English, Hindi, etc), select the content type as "Collection".

Most importantly, select the concepts that are planned to be taught to a child or which the child is being evaluated on. Tagging the concepts right will make it easier for you to search your content by concepts, and makes it easy to create collections, say, that can be used to teach as well as evaluate a particular concept.

click on the "Start Creating" button.

Please await the confirmation page.

In the "Choose Subcontent" section, type in the keywords of the stories and worksheets you would like to add. The order in which you add the content is the order in which it will be displayed to the child. So, if you want the child to read a story first and then take an assessment, then add the story here first, followed by the assessment.

Before you start, think if there are other creators you want to co-author this collection with. And invite them to co-create this content with you. Since this is an online tool, they can be based anywhere.

Once you have added all the stories and worksheets that you want to add in this collection, click on Save Progress and then Send for Review, for a reviewer to review your collection. Once the review is successful, you will receive a notification and you can share the collection with your students and co-creators.