Platform APIs

Create and submit content, send telemetry or access the EkStep WordNet, the APIs are open for you to connect and start extending the platform.

All the EkStep APIs are available in a convenient format which lets you browse the APIs and also try them out right in your browser. The APIs are grouped into various purpose-specific sections to help make them easier to understand. Proceed to the links below to launch the API browser.


Note that you will need API Credentials to generate a JWT before you can access the APIs.

Telemetry APIs

Sync telemetry from your custom app to the EkStep platform.

Telemetry Sync APIs

Data Exhaust API

Access the telemetry as it flows in, to build custom analytics on top of the data from the field.

Data Exhaust API On Demand Data Exhaust API

Learning Platform APIs

Access the EkStep domain models and learn more about how the concepts are organized.

Learning Platform Definitions Composite Search Domain Model

Content Platform APIs

Discover content on the EkStep platform, or create and submit your own content for review.

Content Platform APIs Assessement APIs

Language Platform APIs

Discover the EkStep wordnet, relations between words across different languages and access the language tools such as the parser and complexity measures.

Language Platform APIs