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Legal Guidelines - Data and privacy policy

EkStep Foundation (the Foundation), a not-for-profit company registered under the Indian Companies Act 2013, having its office at no 85, 7th Cross, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore 560034, owns and operates the EkStep platform (EkStep) which comprises (i) an applications hosting platform (Community Portal), and (ii) a mobile platform that hosts interactive content such as mobile applications and games for use by children for educational purposes (the Genie).

The Foundation may collect certain information about the user for the purpose of registration. The Foundation does not collect any 'sensitive personal data or information' as defined under the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 (Data Protection Rules) from the user either through access or use of the Community Portal or the Genie with respect to any content created and owned by the Foundation .

This privacy policy (Privacy Policy) defines the rights in relation to user information, and answers questions that you may have about the manner in which user  information may be collected, used, stored, transferred, disclosed and safeguarded. Most importantly, this Privacy Policy will explain the following in some detail:   

  1. The type of information collected;  
  2. Why this information will be collected;
  3. When and how this information shall be used;
  4. Who this information will be shared with.

 By downloading, installing, accessing or using EkStep or website www.ekstep.org / www.ekstep.in (Website), you are accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy constitutes a legal and binding agreement between you and the Foundation and is enforceable under the laws of India. Any use of EkStep or the Website by your child shall be deemed to be under your authorisation and active supervision and we will not be liable for any claims or damages that may arise as a result of your child's unauthorized access to the Website.

  1. Types of information we collect

    We collect the following types of information (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Information):

    On the EkStep website and portal the following information maybe collected.

    (a) 'personal information' such as name, age, gender, GPS location and in the some cases address and contact details, photographs and video’s of individuals.

    (b) 'sensitive personal information' such as passwords, identifier assigned by the platform to the user of the platform/game .

    (c) Other information such as game play information, preferences of the user, likes and dislikes, device specification, device location, device public internet protocol, timestamps of game play events, duration of game play sessions, screen capture from game play, assessment question id, identity chosen by the user in an application or game, assessment pass/fail, assessment student answers, time taken for assessment and game play.

    (d) The Information that you provide us, will be stored and guarded by the following entity: EkStep Foundation; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. On the Genie application. No personal information or persoanally identifiable information of the end user not sensitive personal information of the end user is collected. However, the Foundation is not responsonl for any personal information or sensitive personal informtion being collected by applications or content on the Genie created, developed or included on the EkStep Platform. All such third party content creators shall be bound by data protection laws and should have their own terms of use and privacy policy documents

    The Information that you provide us, will be stored and guarded by the following entity:
    EkStep Foundation 85 Quorum, Koramangala 4th block, Bangalore 560034
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Purpose of collection and use of this Information

    (a) To understand the learning level of the user in order to further support the user’s learning;

    (b) To provide the user the appropriate games and content relevant to them and for their benefit;

    (c) To provide the user access to adaptive learning content that is contextual to their learning level and requirement in a continuous manner;

    (d) To empower the student/user with information with regards to their own learning;

    (e) To inform, engage and empower the students, their families and educationalists in the learning journey of students/user;

    (f) To understand how large groups of students/users learn;

    (g) To better understand our student's preferences, likes and dislikes and support their learning on the Website;

    (h) To have quick access to the Information which will in turn help us to provide our students with a customised learning experience that caters to their preferences;

    (i) Anonymised data about the learning of the users using the Ekstep platform maybe published on the Ekstep portal and put into the public domain.

    With regards to information collected on the EkStep website and portal. We collect and store Information for authentication purposes and in order to study demographic trends and usage patterns of users.

  3. Disclosure and Transfer

    We will not publish or disclose your user Information without your prior consent, unless (i) the law requires us to do so, (ii) you have consented to a disclosure of the Information, or (iii) it is required to do so in order to provide services to you. We will make sure that whoever we share the Information with will also adhere to strict non-disclosure and confidentiality requirements. We will not transfer the Information to any third party without your prior consent. If any Information is transferred, it will be to a third party that ensures the level of data protection that the Creator collecting the Information has adopted, as provided for under the Data Protection Rules.

  4. Security Practices and Procedures

    We ensure the confidentiality and security of the Information by implementing  reasonable and appropriate security practices and procedures that includes administrative, physical security and technical controls in order to safeguard your Information.

  5. Access to User Information

    You will, at all times, be given the option to access, review and correct any inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete Information that has been provided to us by accessing [insert link to account settings].

    You could also choose not to share your Information with us, but if you choose to do so we will not be able to provide you with the entirety of our Service.

  6. Links to other websites

    We may, on the Genie, the Community Portal or the Website, provide links to third-party websites or applications, which in turn may collect Information about you. We will not be responsible or liable for the privacy standards, practices and policies implemented on such websites.

  7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    The Privacy Policy is subject to revisions at any time, as determined by the Foundation, without notice, and any such changes are effective immediately upon being updated on the Community Portal, the Genie, or the Website. Any continued access and use of the Genie, the Community Portal or the Website thereafter will be deemed to be an acceptance of these changes by you. You are strongly advised to periodically check this Privacy Policy for revisions regarding the use of your information.

  8. Complaints

    We take our responsibility towards ensuring the privacy and security of your Information very seriously. In addition to complying with the various requirements under law, we believe that as an organisation that has access to child and student data, we must ensure that the Information we collect from our users is handled in a legal, responsible and ethical manner.

    If you have any concerns or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact our Grievance Officer  who can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.