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Design guidelines for content

  1. 1.Is the size big enough to read in a smartphone screen(especially for key words)? “This is ok” “This is not”
  2. Are they legible enough for kid? Are the fonts too stylish and loud? We want simple and crisp fonts. “This is ok”. ”This is not”
  3. Is there uniformity in the usage of fonts? Is there a hierarchy in the size?
  4. Is there proper color balance in the font and the background?
  1. Maintain Image Aspect Ratio:
  2. Are the images of the same family?
  3. Are the images simple enough for a child?
Graphics and background
    1. Is there too much of unnecessary graphic elements added?
    2. Colors
    3. Text

The amount of text in one screen also needs to be kept in mind.

    • 1 to 2 lines in one screen is great.
    • Upto 6 lines is fine.
    • More than 6 could be segmented into 2 screens.