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Learning science guidelines

Domain and content model tagging
Items are correct + spelling, grammar check
Learning design principles

Some good to have E-learning design principles:

  • For an object, have images and words both rather than just words.
  • Images and texts explaining one thing should be places closer to each other. Ensure that text and image are not separated into two separate segments altogether with the label of an image far away from the screen at the bottom.
  • Audio narration for a sentence should approximately match the words of the sentence
  • If a screen is "image-heavy", reduce amount of text. Suggest author to use audio instead of text for those screens.But if it’s not image heavy, it's advisable to have both audio and text rather than just one.
  • Omit extraneous words and images.
  • Audio voice quality: polite, clear, conversational style. Avoid: computerized mechanical voices.