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Monica Shivakumar


The Annual status of education survey is conducted by Pratham around the country. The report is a reflection of learning outcomes in primary education. The assessment conducted is a dip test of basic math and reading skills.

The ASER survey tool is now an app available for any person or organisation. The app is live and fully functional on the EkStep Genie app. It uses the same methodology which quickly but reliably places the child on one of the four reading/math levels.

The reading tools tests in 11 Indian languages : English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Assamese.

The app can be used by a reliable/trained facilitator to test children from the ages of 6 o 16. For more information on the testing methodology, please refer to the ASER guide available on the EkStep community portal (www.community.ekstep.in/ASER)
Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5
5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 8-10, >10
literacy, numeracy
Decode numbers: 10-99,  Division,  Akshara Recognition,  Subtraction,  Addition,  Decoding for Reading,  Decode numbers: 0-20
September 15, 2017
January 3, 2019
Monica Shivakumar