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Paluru Abhign Sai


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गणित अभ्यास में आपको जोड़, घटाव, भाग ऐव गुना के सवाल मिलेंगे |
Paluru Abhign Sai
Class 1, Class 3, Class 2
6-7, 7-8, >10, 5-6, 8-10
Subtration by writing numbers vertically,  Subtraction,  Mental Maths : Two digits numbers,  Addition,  Multiplication,  Division,  Division/Multiplication,  Use addition/subtraction symbols,  Multiplication/Division,  Mental maths; Single digit,,  multiplication tables,  Counting from any number - upto 99,  Subtraction with grouping,  Subtraction without grouping,  Division,  Addition/subtraction,  Decode numbers: 3 digit numbers,  Counting
addition without carryover, Vertical Stack, 3-digit numbers in vertical stack, 1-अंकिये संख्यायों का खड़ा गुणा, do ank jodh, read numbers, division, number, hasil jodh, ek ank ghatav, ek ank ka vibhajan, double digit addition, addition, udhar ke saath ghatav, खड़ा गुणा, double digit subtract, ghatana, subtract, addition with carryover, single digit subtraction, udhar, subtract with borrowing, number names, chooti sankhyayein, difference, math, sankhya naam, hasil ke saath jodh, addition with carry, गुणा, double digit addition with carry over, Addition in Hundreds, subtraction, missing numbers, sum, addition without grouping, chhooti sankhya, 2 digit subtraction, subtraction with borrowing, do ank jodh hasil ke saath, Division, multiplication, product, pratham digital camal, addition with carry over, single digit addition, number in between, Subtraction in Hundreds, addition without regrouping, ek ank bhag, single digit add, pratham, wings, 2 digit addition, ek ank jodh, Multiplication, single digit, numbers, gunan, do ank jodh bina hasil, udhar ke baaki, vibhajan, 1-अंकिये, Hindi, 1 digit division, ginti, add, counting, Addition, ghatav, double digit subtraction with borrowing, add without carry over, chhooti sankhyayein, collection, addition without carry over, double digit subtraction, jodh, multiplication tables, bhag, udhar ke ghatav, add without regrouping, numbers in between, double digit add, 1 digit subtraction, jodhna, add without grouping, do ank ghatav, number sense, divide, hasil, do ank ghatav udhar ke saath, multiply, digital, identifying number name, 1 digit addition, gunan paharhe, beech ki sankhya, bina hasil jodh, Subtraction, 3-digit numbers, 1 digit multiplication, 1-अंकिये संख्यायों, chooti sankhya
September 29, 2016
October 11, 2018
Paluru Abhign Sai