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2nd Standard/2nd Grade Lessons


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Lessons related to 2nd grade students
Priya Godbole-Chouthai
Class 2
literacy, numeracy
Infer By Making Associations,  Roots And Derivations,  Decoding for Spelling,  Word Meaning,  Comprehension Of Essays,  Understanding of Grammar/Syntax,  Decoding for Reading,  More Than One Meaning,  Synonyms & Antonyms,  Speed And Accuracy In Text Reading,  Inference Using Context,  Phoneme Awareness,  Comprehension Of Stories,  Compare fractions,  Develop spatial understanding,  Comprehension Of Poems,  Speed And Accuracy In List Reading,  Onset-Coda Awareness,  Introduction to Data Handling,  Counting,  Word Context,  Sentence Comprehension,  Mutilple operations BODMAS; using operations in length, weight and volume problems,  Tracing Akshara,  Meaning of fractions,  Akshara Recognition,  Pictograph,  Time,  Multiplication/Division factors and multiples; mental math,  Length,  Memory For Sound Strings,  Figurative Language,  Division,  2D Shape/ Patterns,  Inference About Implied Ideas,  Multiplication,  Word problems,  Addition,  Syllable Awareness,  Sequence,  Place value,  Money,  Commutative and associative properties,  Weight,  3D Objects,  Volume,  Subtraction,  Property of 0
March 28, 2017
April 17, 2017