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Hindi - Beginner Collection


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A collection of beginner level Hindi lessons and exercises
Class 1, Class 3, Class 2, Class 5, Class 4, KG
6-7, 7-8, <5, 5-6, 8-10
Collection of Pratham Education Foundation and Tata Steel CSR
Picture Books, Flash Cards
Comprehension Of Stories,  Akshara Recognition,  Decoding for Reading,  Syllable Awareness,  Word Context,  Tracing Akshara,  Understanding of Grammar/Syntax,  Memory For Sound Strings,  Word Meaning
bara, Ulat, TracingGame, sound, recognition, alphabet, Barakhadi, Thik, akshara recognition, letter sound practice, Akshar, Pratham, english, Thak, Hindi, Shapes, Story, odia, sentence, flowers, making, Everyday Words, Letters, identifying letter, insects, mujhe pehchano, Letter, Galti, letter, hindi, khadi, GaltiMaafSudharo, Recognition, Drawing, अक्षरखडी, Kahaniyaan, awaz, color, word recognition hindi, SentenceMaking, Aksharkhadi, vegetables, Numbers, pratham digital, Body parts, fruits, ThikThak, tata steel csr, awaz pehchano, Khadi, tata steel, Stories, Aakar, pehchano, Nature, Coloring, sound recognition, body parts, Sudharo, अक्षर, words, Birds, Grammer, कहानियां, akshar, pratham, Animals, खडी, word recognition, Palat, Maaf, UlatPalat
April 29, 2018
July 11, 2018
Deepika Mogilishetty