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Hindi Practice


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Used to practice for new learners
Class 1, Class 3, Class 2, Class 4, KG
6-7, 7-8, <5, >10, 5-6, 8-10
literacy, numeracy
Pratham Education Foundation Content
Flash Cards
Estimation of quantities without counting,  Identify place value and face value of numbers,  Vocabulary of place value,  Tracing Akshara,  Akshara Recognition,  Identify numbers on a mental number line,  Memory For Sound Strings,  Syllable Awareness,  Ordering of numbers and objects,  Place value,  Sequence,  Compare numbers using place value,  Expand a number with respect to place values,  Understanding of Grammar/Syntax,  Word Meaning,  Counting,  Self_Development
bara, Ulat, TracingGame, sound, recognition, jaano number, alphabet, Barakhadi, descending, Thik, number, music, Rail, OrderingGame, Pratham, Ordering, Thak, Shapes, Story, sentence, Chitra, making, Letters, identifying letter, RailGadi, mujhe pehchano, Galti, sequence, place value, 123, Dang, letter, number counting game, NumberRecognition, Kas, khadi, Ding, GaltiMaafSudharo, Recognition, Jigsaw, Drawing, awaz, color, word recognition hindi, NumberSequencing, line, SentenceMaking, hindi early years practice, Golmaal, Aksharkhadi, Numbers, Number, ThikThak, awaz pehchano, sangeet, Sequencing, Aakar, Gadi, pehchano, lagao, Number123, Coloring, sound recognition, ChitraVichitra, Sudharo, words, linelagao, ascending, Grammer, akshar, pratham, DingDangDing, word recognition, puzzle, Palat, Vichitra, Maaf, NumberKas, UlatPalat
May 27, 2018
July 10, 2018
Deepika Mogilishetty