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Building Blocks


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Counting objects,  Addition,  Decipher minutes,  Measuring longer objects using a smaller object,  Subtraction,  Represent a fraction in its pictorial form.,  Division,  Understand that all parts put together form a whole.,  Find fractional part of a collection,  Add by writing numbers vertically (without grouping),  Subtract using columns without grouping (using place value) upto 1000,  Understand meaning of multiplication (as repeated addition, combination of units, etc.),  Measure weight with non-standard metrics,  2D Shape/ Patterns,  Sequencing Events,  Order of the days,  Sequencing, additive reasoning and skip counting using numbers upto 1000,  Order of the months,  Understand what is a fraction.,  Add using column addition without grouping (using place value) upto 1000,  Multiplication,  Understand division in the context of equal grouping and sharing,  Learner is unable to count the objects when they are grouped.,  Measuring Device,  Containers for measuring volume,  Subtraction through representation of 1s and 10s,  Compare weights with non-standard metrics,  Symbols for comparison,  Order numbers in Ascending & descending order,  Standard Units of Weight,  Understand and learn multiplication tables upto 10,  Understand and learn multiplication tables upto 10,  Length,  Time,  Identify the days of the week,  Compare numbers,  Weight,  Addition of collections of objects,  Understand and learn multiplication tables of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10,  Measure Length with standard metric,  Appropriate standard units,  Sequence,  Place value,  Money,  Identify place value of digits in a number (Indian, international system) ,  Volume,  Add 2 single digit numbers,  Measure Length with non-standard metric,  Decipher Hours,  Measure Time intervals,  Measure weight with standard metrics,  Order events,  Reading a clock,  Identify the months of the year,  Reading a calendar,  Counting,  Learner is not able to identify the smallest number in the given set.,  Learner is not able to identify the largest number in the given set.,  Compare the capacity of different containers
Measurement, Place Order, Grade 1, Number Sense, Number operations, Akshara, Addition, Multiplication, Time, Fractions, NSN1_1-G1, Weight, Number Sence, Numbers, Building Blocks, Subtraction, Comparison, Length, NSN1_1, Number Operations, Division, Sequense, Counting
June 28, 2018
October 11, 2018