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Shaala Siddhi Domain 1: Reflec...


This resource is a PDF file that describes the reflective prompts and the factual information that help during school assessments as per the Shaala Siddhi Framework (Domain 1). Domain 1 of Shaala Siddhi framework is Enabling Resources of School,Availability, Adequacy and Usability
Change and improvement,  Administration and operations,  Policies and guidelines ,  Administration and operations,  Policies and guidelines,  Change and improvement
reflective prompts, factual information, seven domains of shaala siddhi, domain 1, enabling resources, school resources, availability, adequacy, usability, school premises, playground, library, laboratory, sports equipment, computer, classrooms, ramp, rooms, mid day meals, electricity, kitchen, gadgets, utensils, drinking water, handwash, toilets
December 5, 2018
December 5, 2018
Shivangi S