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A network of words across Indian Languages and English, a treasure trove for creating rich learning experiences for children.

What is it?

Understanding relations between words and ability to group related words are key concepts in building vocabulary of a language. EkStep Word Duniya precisely helps creating such learning content. More than a dictionary, it is a web of words that are grouped by various relations such as:

  • - words with same meaning
  • - things that are of same type
  • - things that are parts of the same object
  • - actions associated to an object

It also links words with same meaning, across Indian Languages. Besides meaning, words are also enriched with picture, pronunciation, example usages of the word.

What can you do with it?

You are free to browse the repository to search and discover words. You can also contribute to it! If you find any part of the word information not clear or proper, give your feedback by commenting about it. If you are a language expert, you can also enrich the Word Duniya by adding child friendly meanings, example usages, missing relations to the words. You can also add new words that you don’t find here and think will be relevant for children to know.

This is an open repository, so feel free to use it and help enriching it! Your contribution is going to help create better learning experiences to children.

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